Due to the pandemic situation, food habits and lifestyles have been changed for the majority of people across the globe. People are more focusing on living a healthy lifestyle and considering taking the essential nutrients required by the body. Furthermore, people pay more attention to health-related issues due to the adoption of sedentary lifestyles. To stay fit and track dietary intake, diet and nutrition applications are more in demand.


How does a diet and nutrition app help users?


  • It keeps tracking of daily food intake
  • It helps to reach your diet goal by monitoring calories intake and consumptions
  • It provides nutritious food and recipes information
  • It assists to consult with dieticians and fitness trainer
  • It creates a customized meal plan and shows nutrients fact
  •  It reminds you to log meals, water intake, blood pressure information, and sleepy hours to give suggestions.

Diet and Nutrition App is a constructive approach for users to monitor their health and improve their eating habits. As these apps are in trend, it is a great opportunity to develop a mobile application with essential features and including trendy features that can add value. Here are the features that should include in Diet and Nutrition app while developing.


Mandatory Features for Diet and Nutrition App:


Food Logging: Any app without food logging information is incomplete. This feature allows users to add daily food & water intakes and nutrition facts for each food will be available on the dashboard. Meal Planner: A meal planner helps to decide diet as per weight goals and food preferences. Based on filled information, users can generate daily, weekly, or monthly diet plans. If your goal is changed due to some events/disease occurrence, you can even modify the meal plan at any time.

Calories Calculator: With help of calories calculation, users can compute food consumption. Also, maintain track records of burnt calories of physical activity and exercise. This feature is mandatory for those who plan to lose or maintain weight.

Recipe Guideline with Nutrition Fact: It would be interesting features if recipe information will be given with pictures, ingredients, nutrition facts,s and video/voice instruction. If users can search or filter any recipe by adding a few details, the app would surely help users to achieve goals quickly.

Statistics Analyzer: Users should examine daily detailed statistics like meal-wise daily calories intake, exercise details, left calories based on daily goals, etc. Users can even track whether they are achieving the desired result or not. The success of diet and nutrition apps would be more reliable on appealing statics so it is essential to have an interactive statistics analyzer.


Follow the Trends to Scale Up Your Business:

Dietary Recommendations: To suggest a diet plan with nutrition facts based on a user's eating habits and goals makes the app more successful.

Integration with Wearable Devices: Wearable technology has transformed anyone's life they live by measuring heart rate, workouts, quality of sleep, walking steps, and many more. Integration of these wearable devices with diet and nutrition app makes it easier to track.

Consulting with Dieticians and Fitness Trainers: These features enable diet followers to take advice from dieticians regarding meal plans and consult with a fitness trainer for exercise routines & get wellness plans. By following to instructor, users can reach fitness and health goals.

Barcode Scanning: Diet and Nutrition app with Barcode Scanner increase users' convenience. Users can use this feature by scanning package items and getting nutritional information without manual entries.

Browse Nearby Restaurant/Gym/Grocery Shops: Users have the benefit to look around nearby Restaurant, Gyms, or Grocery shops easily within an application. Based on Dietician's recommendation, users can purchase foods or grocery products accordingly.

Get Help of Elaunch to Develop Diet and Nutrition App:

Developing an exceptional diet and nutrition app requires a proficient team. IT professionals at Elaunch can assist to build the customized system according to needs that including inspecting current trends, platform selection, and product development. You can check past clients' testimonials and develop your application by connecting us.