Diwali Celebration 2021

Diwali is the festival of lights, the traditional belief behind Diwali is to celebrate the return of Lord Ram to his kingdom after defeating Ravan. Diwali is celebrated over a period of five days with different significances attached to each day.

At ELaunch Solution Pvt. Ltd., we celebrate Diwali with our ELSpartans every year, but last year, it was impossible to celebrate Diwali outside of the company due to the COVID-19 crisis. So we had a little celebration in our office. Following the no-gathering guidelines, everyone was working at the office with social distance, proper hygiene and safety, we all missed the regular freedom work culture, the office atmosphere and the fun.

So, this year we tried something different by arranging a special Diwali Fest 2021. For the first time ever; we organized a Grand Diwali Celebration outside of the company premises at La Fountain The Food Fair, Surat to create an energetic and fun-filled atmosphere.

We did our best to make this event bigger and better! Our volunteers, anchors and the management team made every effort to arrange everything from attractive decoration to sound system, costumes, snacks, meals and all the necessary arrangements had been made to make the Diwali celebration memorable for all of us.


Employees Acts and Dramas:

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The event started with Ganesh Vandana seeking the blessings of Ganesh Ji followed by an encouraging speech by the CEO of our organization, Mr Sandip Kachhadiya. He made an astonishing announcement that every year we will have such an annual celebration in the month of May. We aspire to provide world class infrastructure and facilities to our mates and together with each others’ help, we shall reach bigger goals and innovative dreams with the best client services in the tech industry.

Everyone was filled with enthusiasm by the ending note of his speech, with a charm on their faces. Dressed in Indian traditional wear, all the beautiful audience, hosts, fillers and management were all agog for the most awaited event of the year. Each participant was well rehearsed and performed exceptionally great from the reception to the end; everything was handled smoothly. How did we do that? 

Well! The event started full of enthusiasm and the first one was a “Bollywood Mashup” group dance, followed by multiple acts and dance performances such as "Comic Hera Pheri Song", "Mute/Mime Dance". Where the anchors and fillers were delivering their own charisma on stage, funny acts like "The ELaunch Show" inspired by The Kapil Sharma Show and "The IT Company Drama" uncovered the eccentricity of an IT Company. And last but not the least was a fully energetic group dance on the “Malhari song” where almost everyone got up from their chairs and cheered the participants on and rocked the dance floor.

There was a different hype when the management came out to be a surprise element for our ELSpartans by showing their equal participation. Our staff arranged multiple performances like solo dance, group dance, act, comedy, singing and much more., and we could only see cheerful faces in all the corners of the room. Some of these acts were mind-boggling.


Awards and Appreciation:

festival of lights, Diwali Fest 2021, Best IT company in Surat, Diwali celebration, traditional wear

We all work hard every day to make the ELaunch Solution Pvt. Ltd. a positive and empowering experience for everyone. To appreciate our employee’s efforts towards our organization, we also arranged an award distribution ceremony to encourage them and appreciate the exemplary mates.


We categorized multiple awards and awarded them to eligible candidates such as,

Active Participants: To appreciate those fun-loving employees who have been the most active people in all the activities since they joined our company. They who always take the initiative and are ready to do needful.

Bright Beginner, Fresh Skills, Exceptional Higher, The Best Achiever: To appreciate the ones who have shown great improvement from being a fresher to a skilled employee.

Growth Hacker: Valuing the one who not only looks for self-growth as an employee but has also taken an initiative to implement new strategies to level up our company, ELaunch Solution Pvt. Ltd. as a whole.

Outstanding Performer: Appreciating the one who has always been an independent learner and has shown speedy growth in their career field.

Positive Tortoise: Recognizing the one has been found very pragmatic towards their work and has ever been constructive with their assigned roles and responsibilities.

Versatile Performer: Rewarding that employee who has not only improved their skills, but also has been a keen learner to stay updated with the latest technologies that benefit other team members and the company ultimately.

Ultimate Team Player: Appreciating the polite behaviour of the one who has always been helpful and stands as rock-solid support for their teammates whenever they are in need.

Difference Maker: To stand out from the rest, you need to be a difference-maker. This person who started their journey with us improved their skills, accepted the challenges and proved it right.

Consistent Player: Rewarding the one who has been exceptionally committed to and dedicated towards ELaunch Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Positivity Queen: The one who spreads good vibes only and an aura of positivity and enthusiasm amongst their coworkers at the workplace.

Standout Chief: Appreciating the employee who has very well handled their team, client projects and has always supported innovative solutions for improvements.

Role Model of the Year: This award is to reward the one who has always been willing to take up new challenges and is dedicated towards fulfilling all the responsibilities in time.


Luncheon with ELaunch Family:

festival of lights, Diwali Fest 2021, Best IT company in Surat, Diwali celebration, traditional wear

A team that eats together, stays together. A Diwali celebration is always incomplete without a delicious meal. Keeping in mind the fitness concerns of our mates, we arranged food that was healthy as well as yummier and keeping in mind everyone’s choice. As we all were having lunch together, sharing the talks about performances, some were spotted congratulating the winners, some were capturing the moments and enjoying a gala time.

It was a truly mesmerizing experience especially for the newly joined employees and experienced employees as they could spend some time getting to know each other, and feel familiar with the organization and an integral part of the ELaunch family on this occasion.


Gift Distribution Ceremony & Photo Session:

festival of lights, Diwali Fest 2021, Best IT company in Surat, Diwali celebration, traditional wear

Before leaving on a Diwali Vacation, a photo session was arranged for everyone and also a special selfie zone was arranged for our selfie lover ELSpartans. While the cameraman was busy clicking solo and group photos of our adrenalized team, we spotted some snapping selfies with each other and exchanging Diwali greetings.

For us, our ELSpartans always come first and so we shall do all it takes to make ELaunch Solution Pvt. Ltd. one of the Best IT companies in Surat. We feel extremely lucky to have a lot of talented employees working with us currently, and shall always strive to grant them a lively and the best working environment; opportunities to constantly explore new ways to grow in their career and as an organization on the whole.


Overview of Diwali Fest 2021:

festival of lights, Diwali Fest 2021, Best IT company in Surat, Diwali celebration, traditional wear

We did our best for this Diwali celebration so that no one would feel any shortage of arrangements. We ensured the preparation of everything from decoration to sound system, costumes, refreshments and meal so that the Diwali fest 2021 would be memorable for all of us; and our fam would feel the incredible aura of the celebrations when they would step in the event.

It was a huge success because it was not just another regular Diwali celebration for us like we’d every year. What made it special was the message of "Let's Build Something Out-of-the-Box Together". Majority of our personnel are software developers and of course, by nature of their jobs, they have to spend most of their time coding to develop software. Realizing that they might not be able to showcase their creative talents in regular work life, this was the opportunity they grabbed and did not miss a chance to surprise us with their creativity.

For annual events like this to become a grand success, it indeed requires a lot of teamwork, collaborative efforts, work management, patience and more. It wasn’t a one man show! We are glad that together, we all were responsible for planning even the smallest of the details such as sound management, anchoring, event flow scheduling or tackling the end moment rescheduling, etc. and demonstrating their management, leadership and communication skills. We saw many of them facing their stage fears and performing exceptionally well. So glad to have discovered the other sides of the personas of our Team ELSpartans.

We are sure you can imagine how wonderful the event was. Have a glance at our unforgettable Diwali Fest 2021 and hear directly from our ELaunch Fam about their experience of this picturesque celebration on social media platforms; like LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. Follow us to know more about us.