COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a new coronavirus that is spread over all the world and declared as a pandemic. It is spread through the droplets produced by an infected person who speaks, coughs, or sneezes that’s why we need to follow social distancing. To overcome the outbreak situation, Government and Medical professionals are finding concrete solutions and outspread the awareness of how to take precautions to be unaffected. 

It is required to monitor all affected patients, as well as those, have few symptoms developing constantly. It is quite difficult for healthcare service providers to treat all the patients as the transmission efficiency of coronavirus is so fast. Here, an IT expert can help using technologies to Healthcare officials by allowing virtual visits to treat the patients safely and avoid spreading infections. 

How On-Demand Doctor App can help?

  • The app will connect the doctors with patients in real-time to understand the symptoms and generate the report. A doctor can treat the patients as per the report and provide the advice.
  • The patients can take the appointment through the app to avoid the queue, save time, and get the medication advice without come in touch with many people. 
  • The on-demand app can allow users to get more knowledge of how virus is spreading, which precaution can save them through the video channels. 
  • An individual health chart can assist to track the health record and improve the health by treating accordingly.
  • Users can ask questions to the available doctors through the chat and get the consultation via audio and video calling to clarify quickly. 
  • The geo-location facility allows patients to share their live location with doctors. By using location tracking, an authorized person can know the traveling details of patients.
  • Virtual visits through video calls can help doctors to check the patient's condition and treat them at home safely. 

The world is suffering from the pandemic and that fear can be reduced through on-demand doctor application and approach to multiple patients immediately by offering medication services by using technology. Not only this assists to healthcare industries but also help to Government officials ultimately to track the affected as well as quarantine people.