How do you find out the technician quickly when the pipe of the washing machine leaks? Where do you search for the electrician to fit a home theatre or Air Conditioner? Or how do you manage to repair the tap if there is water leakage? In this emergency situation, it is quite difficult to find out local experts who can sort out the problem at an affordable rate. On-Demand Home Service Business helps to get various types of technicians from a single platform. This service not only helps to get any professional at a reasonable price but also saves their time. 

Every conventional business has to change its method with time to distinguish among others. Users would not like to find out the expert in the traditional way. It is a great way to provide online platform solutions to avoid the conventional searching process. Here, an IT professional can help to develop the On-Demand Service app which allows browsing numerous technicians and booking the service after discussing the task through video calling. 

In a competitive world, the app should include unique features to sustain in the On-Demand Home Service Business. If you are looking to increase the business through a mobile app, you are at the right place. Here is the ultimate guideline to include unique features in a mobile app.


5 Unique Features for an On-Demand Home Service App:

Service Request: With this feature, service seekers can book and schedule any home service. Even they can reschedule or cancel the service according to the convenience.

Service Provider Tracking: Users can track the service provider through GPS tracking to know the live location and estimate arrival time.

Upload Pre/Post Work Picture: By this feature, users can upload the picture of work that needs to perform. Even service providers can update the picture of the task once they finish. Other users can easily know about service provider performance. 

Video Calling Tool: To estimate the price, this feature helps any technicians. Service Providers can get information about what actually they need to do and decide the price of that work.

Multiple Payment Option: Every service seeker doesn’t prefer to pay the full amount in advance so the feature offers an excellent opportunity to gain more customers. Users can pay half or a certain amount in advance and the remaining amount will be paid after getting the service. 


Summing Up:

On-Demand Home Service will be in trend in the next upcoming years. Many companies are inspired to join the board and develop mobile apps. There is no doubt that online platforms become a key factor to get success in the On-Demand Home Service business. 

Offering these home services through online platforms has increased the level of this sector. To have a unique identity in the market, it is necessary to introduce extraordinary features. 

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