Any company’s reputation and brand image are directly associated with the application’s security. An effect of the low-security app can be more include loss of customer trust, business loss, and poor reputation. Therefore, any application’s security is the most considerable factor and requires close attention to a security risk to prevent from loss of sensitive information. Here, PHP – Laravel framework plays the best role if security is vital for any system.

Laravel is a widely used PHP framework that produces outstanding performance with the highest security. For critical apps, security is in focus so laravel framework is used not only for high performance but also for powerful secured systems. It is pretty to use so developing an app using the Laravel framework would certainly enhance your app’s security.


Why should choose PHP – Laravel Framework to develop secured Web and Mobile App?

PHP - Laravel is a highly secured and recommended framework. You may think which Laravel's built-in functionality makes it separate and comes in practice to use for getting reliable product solutions.

Here are some of the outstanding security features of Laravel that makes any application highly
secure and prevent attacks from any unauthorized parties.

(1) CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) Protection:

Laravel utilizes the Form Classes Token Method which is enabled by default. So, you may check token and predefined CSRF filters that are embedded in the source code. CSRF protection filter ensures that each coming request is from the app itself, not from any third-party attacker. In case of finding a threatening request, it shows an HTTP 500 error and denies access.

If CSRF attacks successfully, there might be possible to change email address/password, or sometimes fund transfer is also possible. As per the nature of the action, the attacker may gain full control over the users account thats why CSRF protection is necessary for any application.

(2) Password Hashing:

Laravel comes with a native hash mechanism that encrypts the password making it more secured. Hashing scrambles the original data in a deterministic way with an algorithm usage and thats not a reserved process. Therefore, if someone receives the password then even decryption is not possible.

By using laravel's in-built Login and Registration classes, it secures the authentication process.

(3) Encryption:

The encryption facility of Laravel provides an encrypter to encrypt and decrypt any information. To prevent any modification from unauthorized parties, laravel signs encrypted values using Message Authentication Code (MAC). After using the correct MAC, the decryption process can be done successfully. This encryption process helps to secure the data and avoid attacks from any third party.