The majority of the business owner has to shut down their business due to COVID-19 and job workers asked to perform their job from Home. The world is moving towards the removal of lockdown gradually as the Government doesn't have any other options than focus on lives and live hoods. Certainly, human beings won't be the same as left before lockdown and we need to adopt changes to be settled in the new opening world. Now, the greatest challenge is to restart the business operations by keeping being on track. We must take measures like to follow social distancing and avoid shop visits except purchasing essential personnel. This may generate the opportunity for the delivery service business to deliver products at doorstop and keep users safe.

Grocery Delivery:

Grocery products’ shopping is categorized under essential business and allow opening even during the pandemic lockdown. Many grocery store owners have cut the opening hours and added special hours for seniors to shop. IT can help more effectively to allow users to grocery shopping even after staying at home. Just simply order all required things, pay online, and schedule the home delivery.

Food Delivery:

To maintain social distancing restaurants are not allowed to offer dining services but delivery partners can help to keep the business on track. Restaurant owners need to promote their business with delivery service officials & boost their business. Even contactless dining service is in trend. Ordering food online through a mobile application is the best option for those who are a foodie or not good at cooking. 

How ELaunch can help to start Delivery Service?

The world has faced a global economic downturn but we may help businesses to withstand by providing the best technology solution and restart the business again.

ELaunch is one of the best mobile app solutions providing companies with 65+ app developers, designers, project handlers and business advisors to deliver user-friendly business solutions.

We have successfully delivered On-Demand Services solution and Food/Grocery Home Delivery app across the globe. You may share your requirement to enhance your business and get the quote.